Andrea Vitaletti

Andrea Vitaletti

Andrea Vitaletti, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. I am currently Associate professor @ Sapienza University of Rome.

My research interests include: networking algorithms and protocols, IoT, private and distributed data management and Distributed Ledger Technologies. I co-authored more than 60 papers

I have been involved in a number of EU projects as researcher, principal investigator and coordinator of the FET Open PLEASED.

I am a maker and I have some successful experience in transfer of technology: I founded the spin-offs WLAB that has been sold in 2016 and WSENSE that I left in 2019.

I teach networking, data-management and IoT topics at engineering and product design MsC and BsC @ Sapienza.

Hobbies: sailing, cycling and paragliding … I play the piano and the guitar for fun… be aware!